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**What is this?**

Sprinter is a conquest that consists of completing the whole campaign (Acts 1-5) in under 1 hour at max level. Speed Racer is the same, but in Hardcore mode.

Although it may sound easy at first, it isn't. For most mortals, it requires a certain amount of strategy and practice. This FAQ tries to cover the aspects I've learned while doing it.

**Do I need a group in order to do it?**

In order to maximize your chances of success you should use a group of 4 units: 3 "runners" and 1 "towner". The runners are the ones that do the quests as fast as possible. The towner is a person who stays at town and turns in quests. At some points (such as act 4, where there is no town), the towner may join the runners. Some other times (such as in act 5, after Adria) one of the runners should come to town to help the towner.

**What classes can be runners?**

The Wizard and the Demon Hunter can be runners. I've read that the Crusader can be a runner too, but I have never played this conquest with one.

Arguably, the best character is the Wizard with the Aether Walker wand, which removes the cooldown for Teleport and makes it cost 25 Arcane Power. In practice, this gives the character a perma-teleport. See below for a link to a specific build.

The second best character is the Demon Hunter with the Danetta's Hatred crossbows. These crossbows make Vault cost 8 Hatred instead of Discipline. In practice, this gives the character a perma-vault.

The perma-steed charge Crusader uses the Swiftmount flail, which doubles the duration of Steed Charge. Add the Lord Commander and Fervor passives, plus a lot of Cooldown Reduction and you get it.

**What classes can be towners?**

Any class with any build can be a towner. However, since the towner works as a runner at some points, the same requisites for the runners are desirable.

**What are good general tips?**

* Frequent teleporting to other players is fundamental for success.

* Chaining quests efficiently is very important. I mean, once the current objective has been found, one of the runners should head to the next area/point/objective. As soon as the other two runners finish the current objective, they just teleport to the third and continue.

* Similar to the previous one, always leave one of the runners out of the boss battles and get him run to the next area. You should have a designated person for doing this. It may happen that this designated person is the one that activates the boss fight (he can't skip it in this case). In order to have this situation covered, another runner should be designated to take the place of the first when this happens.

* Another good tip is to agree an exploration schema in advance. One of the runners should always take left, other always right, and the third always middle.

* At the end of each act, every player must talk with the corresponding NPC in order to advance to the following one. For some reason, this process seems to go faster if the players that have already talked with the NPC move away from him.

* Voice communication is very interesting, although not fundamental. If you don't have voice comm, you can type "+" to indicate that the others players should teleport to you because you've found something, "-" to indicate the opposite, and "e" to indicate that you're going to the exit and they should teleport to you when finished.

* Go to Options -> Gameplay and check "Automatically skip all cut scenes".

* Map the "force move" key in order to be able to move freely between the mobs.

* Map the "close all open windows" key to your mouse wheel in order to be able to spam it very fast.

* If you reset your quests you'll get a guaranteed legendary when killing Malthael.

**What is a good build for a wizard?**

**What are good teleport spots for the wizard?**

* On Act I - The Legacy of Cain, in the Leoric's Passage, you can teleport downstairs before the cut scene begins.

* On Act I - Reign of the Black King, in the Royal Crypts, you can jump through a couple of holes after the pillars room.

* On Act I - Reign of the Black King, after killing the Skeleton King, in the Desolate Chamber, you can teleport straight next to The Stranger.

* On Act I - The Broken Blade, you can teleport to the entrance of the Drowned Temple from upstairs. Aim for the low part of the stairs.

* On Act I - Trailing the Coven, in Wortham Bluffs, you can teleport to the entrance of the Caverns of Aranae from the top of the cliff.

* On Act I - Trailing the Coven, after getting the Khazra Staff, you can teleport up the Khazra Barricade and all the way to Leoric's Manor. Once inside there, you can teleport from the stairs to inside the building.

* On Act I - Trailing the Coven, after finishing Leoric's Manor and talking to the wounded man, you can teleport from the left part of the building to the outside, showing up in front of the entrance of the Halls of Agony Level 1.

* On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, in the Highlands Passage, you can teleport from the bridge to the corridor leading to The Cursed Hold.

* On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, in the Cursed Hold, after killing the warden you can teleport to the stairs leading to the Halls of Agony Level 3. Aim a little high into the stairs.

* On Act I - The Imprisoned Angel, after killing the Butcher, in the Cells of the Condemned, you can teleport from above the stairs to where The Stranger is.

* On Act II - Blood and Sand, in the entrance to the Desolate Sands, you can teleport straight in the S-shaped curve.

* On most of Act III the wizard shines and there are too many spots to enumerate them all. I'll describe the most important ones.

* On Act III - The Siege of Bastion's Keep, just at the beginning of the act, you can teleport from the roof to in front of the door.

* On Act III - Siegebreaker, in Rakkis Crossing, you can teleport all the way to the end, skipping all the obstacles.

**Can you give some approximate time references?**

* Act 1: 14-15 minutes
* Act 2: 13-14 minutes (27-29 total)
* Act 3: 11-12 minutes (38-40 total)
* Act 4: 4-5 minutes (42-45 total)
* Act 5: 14-15 minutes (56-60 total)

**What items provide speed bonuses?**

* Krelm's Buff Belt gives 25% speed when you aren't taking damage.

* Warzechian Armguards give a short burst of speed every time you destroy a wreckable object.

* Rechel's Ring of Larceny gives 45-60% speed for 4 seconds after fearing an enemy. This can be combined with a Pandemonium Loop ring (10.0–15.0% Chance to Fear on Hit, drops on Act V caches) or an Echoing Fury mace (10.0–20.0% Chance to Fear on Hit).

**What legendary gems provide speed bonus?**

* Boon of the Hoarder Level 25+ gives 30% speed for 3 seconds after picking up gold.

* Wreath of Lightning Level 25+ gives 25% speed while under the effect of the gem.


* The Fallen Star

Two runners run to Leah in the Slaughtered Calf inn. The third stays by the gate.

* The Legacy of Cain

One runner goes down to the Hidden Cellar. The others wait upstairs.

At the Leoric's Passage event, one runner must decline, go to New Tristram and be ready next to Haedrig Eamon.

* A Shattered Crown

Two runners enter the Cellar of the Damned. One runner waits by the Northwest Gate in New Tristram.

In the Defiled Crypts, if you find the Matriarch Bones or Jar of Souls event, you are in the wrong crypt.

When the right crypt is found, the other two runners must teleport to Cathedral Garden, enter Leoric's Passage and wait by the Ornate Door.

* Reign of the Black King

In the Royal Crypts there is no need to click anything nor kill anything. Just run forward for the crypt of the Skeleton King.

One of the runners must cancel the Skeleton King event and wait north of the Cemetery of the Forsaken.

* Sword of the Stranger

Only one runner needed in the Khazra Den. The others two can go to the northeast corner of the Fields of Misery to wait there.

* The Broken Blade

When accompanying the scoundrel to the way point, one runner should go to the bridge and wait, the other should go to the entrance of the Drowned Temple to talk with Alaric, and the third should stay and talk with the scoundrel.

When obtaining the beacons from the Warrior's Rest and the Crypt of the Ancients, one of the runners must stay in the entrance of the Drowned Temple while the other two run. The towner must come to the entrance too, in order to place the beacons as fast as possible.

Only two of the runners enter the Drowned Temple. The third one goes to New Tristram and waits, in order to talk to the ferryman.

* The Doom in Wortham

One runner enters the Wortham Chapel Cellar. The others two go and wait by the door in the north.

The towner must accept the event of Cain's house. Otherwise it won't start.

* Trailing the Coven

In Caverns of Araneae, The towner can join and help finding the Chamber of Queen Araneae.

You must obliterate Araneae before she leaves and the small spiders come. Not that it's difficult, but you'll lose quite a bit of time if you don't.

After killing Araneae, the slowest runner must wait and talk to Karyna, while the two fastest run away.

* The Imprisoned Angel

From Halls of Agony Level 1 to the Butcher, the towner can join the runners.

While one of the runners kills the Warden in the Cursed Hold, the others must wait by the gate (especially a wizard, in order to teleport downstairs - see above).

After killing the Butcher, one of the runners (a wizard, preferably) should go to rescue The Stranger Tyrael, while the other two go to New Tristram and are ready to travel to the next act.

You should finish the first act in 14-15 minutes. If you are too far from this mark I'd reset and try again.


* Shadows in the Desert

In the Hidden Camp, at the beginning of the act, one of the runners must go talk to Leah while the others go straight to the Caldeum Bazaar.

In the Caldeum Bazaar, the fastest runner should go straight to the Sundered Canyon on the right, letting one of the slower ones talk to Asheara.

In the Sundered Canyon, the fastest runner must run past the Enchantress, letting one of the slower ones talk to her.

In the Sundered Canyon, after the Enchantress breaks the wall, there is no need to talk with the Iron Wolf Jarulf.

In the Howling Plateau, while the runners look for the conclaves, the towner should go and wait at the Black Canyon Bridge, at the north of the Howling Plateau.

* The Road to Alcarnus

In order to find the Khasim Outpost, first you need to go to the north-west of the Black Canyon Mines, cross to Stinging Winds and then go north again to find Khasim Outpost.

In the Khasim Outpost, one of the runners enters the Command Post. The other two stay outside. One of them goes to the north entrance and the other stays next to Captain Davyd.

* City of Blood

Alcarnus is found by going south-east after leaving the Khasim Outpost.

While two of the runners kill Maghda, the third must wait at the Caldeum Bazaar, in order to speak to Asheara as soon as possible.

* A Royal Audience

All three runners can accept the Royal Palace event.

* Unexpected Allies

While two of the runners accept the event to save Adria, the third can wait in the Caldeum Bazaar, next to the Flooded Causeway.

* Betrayer of the Horadrim

The towner may go to the Dahlgur Oasis to help find the Forgotten Ruins. Once the Forgotten Ruins are found, the towner comes back to town.

When the Forgotten Ruins are found, two of the runners go in. The third one goes to find the entrance of the Ancient Waterway in the north east of the Dahlgur Oasis.

* Blood and Sand

The towner may go to the Desolate Sands to help find the Cave of the Betrayer and the Vault of the Assassin.

Since there are two dungeons and three runners, one runner goes to the first-found dungeon and two go to the second one.

Once the dungeons have been found, the towner goes north of the Desolate Sands, to wait by the entrance of the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.

* The Black Soulstone

While the runners open the locks (two to a dungeon and one to the other), the towner waits at The Terminus, next to the entrance to the Realm of Shadow. Once it becomes active, the towner goes in and begins to look for the body. Once the runners have teleported to the towner, he goes back to the Terminus and waits near the middle in order to talk to Leah as soon as the body of Zoltun is found.

After this, the encounter with Zoltun Kulle has to be started. There should be enough time for a runner to arrive to The Terminus and initiate the encounter himself. In other case, the towner begins the encounter and one of the runners goes to the Hidden Camp.

While the Zoltun Kulle encounter goes, another one of the runners goes to the entrance of the Flooded Causeway in the Caldeum Bazaar and waits there.

* The Scouring of Caldeum

* Lord of Lies

After killing Belial, one of the runners stays and gets the Soul of Belial.

Your time should be around 27-29 minutes at this point in the game.



* The Siege of Bastion's Keep

The towner talks to Tyrael while the runners go straight to the Skycrown Battlements.

The faster runner goes straight up to the fourth and fifth beacons. The second runner goes to the third beacon. The slowest runner does the first and the second ones.

* Turning the tide

As in the previous quest, the fastest runner goes to the third catapult, although here he initiates all three catapults as he goes by. Once each catapult finishes, the runner comes back to Bastion's Keep Stronghold and waits by the door to The Keep Depths Level 1.

* The Breached Keep

The towner can help the runners in the Keep Depths Levels 1-3. Skip Ghom and go back to town.

One of the runners skips Ghom and waits by the door of the Armory.

After killing Ghom, the other two runners go straight outside of Bastion's Keep Stronghold, to The Arreat Gate.

* Machines of War

No need to talk to Sergeant Pale, just running past him works.

In the Fields of Slaughter, a wizard (preferably) should kill the trebuchet (which always spans in the same location), go straight to Rakkis Crossing and wait by Tyrael. The other two runners should kill the three ballistae.

* Siegebreaker

All three runners accept the Siegebreaker Assault Beast event. After killing it, go straight to the door, which is behind the boss. No need to talk to Adria.

* Heart of Sin

After killing Azmodan, one of the runners stays and gets the Soul of Azmodan. The other two go to the Armory in Bastion's Keep Stronghold and wait by the entrance to Bastion's Keep Watchtower.

At this point you should be around 38-40 minutes in the clock.



On Act IV there is no town. Therefore, the towner runs along with the runners.

* Fall of the High Heavens

* The Light of Hope

The Library of Fate is always to the west of the map.

One of the runners kills Rakanoth. The others go to the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier and wait ready to begin destroying the Corrupt Growths.

At this point, the towner goes to the far east corner and waits by the teleport to Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

Once one of the runners finds the Hell Rift, the other two teleport to the towner.

On Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier, the same operation is repeated.

* Beneath the Spire

* Prime Evil

No need to fight any of the Aspects. Just run.

After killing Izual, run through the north east corner.

If you run too fast to the encounter of Diablo, it may get bugged (which means you have to restart). It looks that there is a small possibility of this happening, though.

After finishing this act, you should be around 42-45 minutes, with at least 15 minutes left for act V.


* The Fall of Westmarch

Two runners go inside the Zakarum Cathedral to fight Kasadya. The towner waits near the entrance of the Cathedral in order to speak with General Torion. The third runner waits ready to go to the north-west, to the entrance of Westmarch Commons.

* Souls of the Dead

Briarthorn Cemetery consists of two rectangular areas connected by a narrow pass. The Nobles' Rest Courtyard entrance is found on the other side of the pass and it is always at the border of the map.

While two runners fight at the Nobles' Rest Courtyard, the third one goes to The Survivor's Enclave, to the entrance of Westmarch Heights, which is at the north.

* The Harbinger

Only one of the runners fights Urzael and talks to Malthael after killing him. One of the other two goes to Myriam in the Survivor's Enclave and the other goes to the entrance of the Overgrown Ruins at the east of the Survivor's Enclave

* The Witch

In the Blood Marsh, the towner can help finding the Nephalem Guidestones. He can stay with the runners in the Passage to Corvus and the Ruins of Corvus, up until the Adria fight, which he must reject and go back to town.

One of the runners skips the Adria fight and waits next to Tyrael for the Pandemonium Gate to open. After killing Adria, one of the other runners stays to speak with Lorath Nahr.

* The Pandemonium Gate

From this point on till the end of the game, the towner can join the runners.

* The Battlefields of Eternity

Be aware that one of the two siege runes drops off a random event.

In the Battlefields of Eternity, the towner must find the entrance to the ram and wait there.

* Breaching the Fortress

* Angel of Death

That's all. The timer stops when you kill Malthael and the death animation beigns.


My Battle Tag is quik#2903 in EU. Feel free to address me in the comments or in game with any question, suggestion, review, criticism, typo, grammar mistake, etc.

Also feel free to leave your additions to the FAQ/Walkthrough in the comments and I'll update it.